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Non-Malignant Programs

Discussion in 'Pediatrics' started by kate0834tkjn, May 17, 2008.

  1. kate0834tkjn

    kate0834tkjn 2+ Year Member

    Mar 26, 2007
    I would like to think that "Malignant" and "Pediatrics Program" are 2 mutually exclusive terms...but recently, I've heard that some of the "top" children's hospitals have attendings with quite a bit of attitude, arrogant, elitest residents, and are just all around malignant. I don't mind the Q4 call (well, OK, I do mind, but I'll deal with it :)) but don't like the idea of being constantly berated for three years of my life. Does anyone have any insight as to whether CHOP, Boston Children's, Denver Childrens, DC Childrens, Rainbow (or any others) have a particularly "malignant" reputation?
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  3. pathfme30

    pathfme30 2+ Year Member

    Mar 23, 2007
    I heard folks like childrens of Boston. I know some folks there. I know nothing about the others.
  4. zoondel

    zoondel SDN Lifetime Donor Lifetime Donor Classifieds Approved 7+ Year Member

    May 21, 2007
    NY Metro
    I know that many of the residents at SUNY Downstate are very happy. I think a lot has to do with the PD, who is one of the most caring and approachable people I've met (I'm a SUNY grad).

    I also have a cousin at Rainbow, and he seems pretty happy.
  5. Colinator

    Colinator 2+ Year Member

    Sep 8, 2006
    you could always check out the #3 program--Cincinnati Children's, where residents are extremely happy and helpful to each other. Q4 call is limited to ~8 mon/yr and cost of leaving is cheap.

    my experiences interviewing (and friends interviewing and matching): boston children's--residents unfriendly and not happy, CHOP--residents slightly more friendly, appear to like their program, Q4 x 3 yrs. Rainbow--not impressed. several of my cinci children's colleagues were from cleveland and defected. denver--the residents there are happy but definitely of a certain type (outdoorsy), felt isolated from the greater peds academic community in the US. Seattle and Portland--both well loved by their residents.

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