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Jan 20, 2004
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Thanks for the advice on my last post about types of PM&R electives to seek out. I was just wondering now if anyone had opinions about what other kinds of electives would be helpful either once you get to residency or to help make you a more impressive applicant. Besides research of course.

Thanks again! :)


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Aug 25, 2003
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There was a post on this subject but I can't seem to find it so let me repeat what I've heard...

Good electives outside of PM&R:

Neuro - learn good neuro exam, see acute strokes, TBI, etc.

Neurosurg - if interested - acute management of SCI, Spine procedures, etc.

Ortho - Both OR and outpt sports - good to learn about various procedures your rehab pts may have gone through, some physical dx skills.

Rheum - add to your diff dx list of msk pathologies

Cards/Pulm/ICU - learn vent management, medical emergencies, some cardiac rehab type issues.

Sports Medicine - Ortho or FP or PM&R - if interested
Pain Management - Anesthesia or PM&R - if interested

IM - was asked by one clueless interviewer what IM rotation I did my 4th yr.

Radiology?? - possibly to learn to read CXRs, Spine MRIs, Neuroradiological images, etc.

Obviously, each specialty will have its own idiosyncracies about how to approach a patient - also, vent management in SCI pts very different from standard ICU pts. BUT, good to be exposed. I guess just pick and choose... I've only done a few on this list. :laugh:

Hope this helps.
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