Aug 21, 2015
Has anyone ever applied to a non PTCAS school during the waiting period for Early Decision for PTCAS? I applied early decision and also applied to a non PTCAS school that has rolling admissions. My concern is that if I am accepted into the non PTCAS school and have to send the deposit in prior to hearing back from my Early Decision and then find out that I am accepted into my Early Decision school, are there any ramifications other than losing my deposit? I think the time frame is going to be three weeks or so- I just don't want to end up turning down one school and then finding out I didn't get into my Early Decision school. Obviously my Early Decision school is my first choice.


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Jul 27, 2011
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Wow, you got yourself in a pickle! However, I do see how that is strategic so I respect that. From what I know, ED students hear back from programs in Late Sept. And I highly doubt your non-PTCAS program will accept you before then (possibly offer you an interview before late Sept, though). So your situation depends on the non-ptcas program you are applying to so I'd give them a call first and ask when interviews start or when the first round of acceptances are sent!