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Aug 4, 2008
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i tried searching for this topic but there wasnt really any clear answers. I was thinking of asking my spanish teacher for a lor since he knew me well and i got an a. the only thing is that he is a grad student and there aren't any actual professors teaching the class since there are like 30 different sections of the same class. should i just ask him if he can get the main professor in charge of the intro spanish classes to cosign or would that be stupid since she doesnt really have anything to do with the classes (not listed on the syllabus and never met her before)?
My other option would be to ask a professor of a class i take in the spring quarter but i dont know if that would give me enough time for them to write a lor for me applying this summer since class ends in june. I havent taken any other non science classes in a long time and they probably wont remember me anyways


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Apr 4, 2007
Why not get the grad student to write a letter (getting it co-signed by a prof if possible) and get the letter in the file. If a better opportunity comes along next semester with an supportive professor who feels (s)he can write you a great letter, and it's completed in a reasonable time frame, you could use that instead. If you aren't sure which letter supports you the most enthusiastically, you could meet with your advisor who should have access to both letters and ask them which is best.
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