Sep 2, 2019
Greetings all, and thanks for all the help you've provided as I start a journey toward med school.

I'm 30 y/o now. Graduated 2012 with undergrad degree in Politics (took almost zero science). Honors thesis. Rhodes Scholarship nominee and Marshall Scholarship finalist. Had incredibly formative 6 year career in community organizing before deciding to pursue medicine (long story). I'm preparing to do a DIY postbacc starting this summer, and I've begun working as an ER tech, which I intend to do until matriculation (fingers crossed!)

I need to take all my science prerequisites, but my question is about non-science pre-reqs, i.e. social science, humanities. I took many, many of those in college, but they will be 10 years old by the time I apply in 2022.

Meanwhile, all my science and math prerequisites will have been completed within 3 years prior to application.

Do I need to be concerned about re-taking these non-science prerequisites?

Many thanks.
Jul 10, 2019
Medical Student (Accepted)
No probably not. Pre-reqs don't expire in most schools. There are a few exceptions though, so it's best to check with each school you plan on applying to.


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Aug 10, 2017
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Most schools just want to see recent coursework. Having one pre req, or a few, that is old isn’t a problem at most schools. I applied to 30 schools and none had a problem with my 10 year old gen chem class. Like @paradoxic_toxic said, check with the schools
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Feb 23, 2018
Agree with above responses. I am a career changer so all of my science prerequisites were recent but I did not have any current math or humanities courses. I did not get asked about any of those courses. But like others have said you can check with schools individually when you start applying. Best wishes!
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