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Mar 16, 2009
wanted to ask the group's thoughts on my situation:
I am 32, MBA, and have shadowed doctors and spent 1 year as a volunteer at nights in a hospital. I guess I was always intimidated by the while medschool hellscape that people painted for me. Had a good undergrad GPA of 3.7 from UC Berkeley. Then went to UCLA for MBA. Anyway, I, like TiredLawyer am not remotely satisfied with my work. I mean, I make good money now, but it is so hollow - no helping people, none of the personal contact that I enjoyed at the hospital back in the day. As to why I went MBA route - it was out of fear of medschool and a lack of confidence, coupled with a family that really pushed me towards business.
That said, I'm wondering if I can still at this advanced age go to medschool and become a physician. I still remember the hard times at the hospital as well though.. Man is it a tough decision.
Perhaps people will suggest I go use the MBA skills at a nonprofit - I tried that. Still not much human contact. I want to help people in a tangible way.
Is medicine the way? It sure would be. Pity I'm not 23. The cost now, to my new wife and the family is great. And what if I don't get in? What if I get in, and it's not what I thought it would be? I would have lost 8+ years and who knows to what end?
This is a daunting and dangerous decision...


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Nov 3, 2009
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You're right, it is a tough decision... Can you do it? Yes. Should you do it? All I'm going to say is you better make sure the wife is on board too if you decide to go for it.

Provided you do well on the MCAT, it doesn't sound like you're going to have any academic problems holding you back though, if that makes you feel any better.
Oct 26, 2010
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I'm pretty much in the same situation...

Well,... I'm actually sitting in a human anatomy course taught by a doctor,... Trinidad ... different system.

But after a year out, getting prerequisites,.. and doing OK, I have A in Psych, Cell Bio, Genetics and set for the Human Anatomy and Physiology.

I am thinking,.. about going into teaching and special ed.
It's a half way mark,.. diagnostic,.. in what part of the sensory partway is not working, contact with people,.. can always leave the public system and go into private practice after a few years.

I used to be a financial analyst,.. growing more dissatisfied with the job, then the company announced restructuring and I had to make a decision, am I in or out.

Took the package and went to back to college about a year ago. But now,.. and I know I wasn't good at the first discipline stuff when I first started ... and none of it has withstood the test of time, my last job was in a bank.

I think I would do as much good as a special ed teacher and get some of the things I missed in the last career.

The only way you can know is to try, my first step was to barter to take two days off a week to attend summer school last year,.. basically it's your entire leave entitlement to find out if you really want to return to the classroom.

But it wasn't enough, I returned and in September bit the bullet and resigned, started full time in January.

You have all the journal reading and research skills and will operate like a masters student, there is no turning back.

But there is no,.. I'll get back to you at the meeting.
Just had my first oral exam,... it's like weakest link,, sudden death... analysis .. strategic treatment plan.. all verbal now.

It's freaked me out a bit. So I sent out a spate of CVs, late at night with the doubt beginning to kick in,.. but I've attended two interviews since out and turned both down.

I don't have a family, in the financial dependent sense, so can't comment on that part.


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Dec 6, 2008
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32 is not even remotely too old.

Your wife and family have to be completely on board. Mutual decision making and communication are key ( required).

I don't know that you can think that you are losing 8 years. There is learning and there are friendships and growth. If you really are just trying to slog thru, you may find it less satisfying than business.

It certainly seems like you have the talent and inclination. Consider putting your toe in the water. Take post bacc science classes part time. Volunteer in clinical settings. It may cost a bit of time, but it is an enormous commitment that should be taken on in certainty.

(I'm 48, married, 3 small kids, business owner, etc.) Nail down your feelings, and if they are true, go for it.
Aug 5, 2010
This is a daunting and dangerous decision...
If you feel this way, why not look for ways to minimize the perceived sense of risk? As a fellow non-trad, I always told myself that if at any time I decided that this path was not the right one for me, that I reserved the right to change my mind again. I have kept ties to my first profession by working part-time and staying in touch with colleagues. Plus there is usually a whole, painful year of waiting between finishing your prereqs and actually beginning med school. That should give you plenty of time to reflect.

In the meantime, I suggest registering for spring classes :)