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Jun 12, 2013
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First- thanks for the feedback :)

Story- 14 years of USAF active duty, 10 as an officer (medically retired for PTSD Apr 2013). Graduated 2001 with a business BA, and in 2010 with an MBA. I found out in May 2012 I was going to have a med board and most likely would be kicked out, so I started back to school to fulfill a dream. I finished ALL the science prereqs between Summer 12 and the end of Spring 13... I took the MCAT in Jan 2013, so I studied for it during the winter break, but that was it.

I thought that I would have no chance to change the past-- in 1995 I shouldn't have started college, and failed 3 courses (including physics) my first semester. When I went back for business, my GPA wasn't bad (for business, not the same for premed) at 3.5 from my graduating institution, and my MBA GPA was 3.47. I thought that DO was the only way I'd get back to med school, but here are my current stats after a year and a half of pre-req+ science/math/etc... I would just like some feedback:

AACOMAS: sGPA- 4.0, cGPA- 3.47
AMCAS: sGPA- 3.74, cGPA- 3.37
MCAT- 26 (V-7, B-8, P-11)
Multiple Dean's lists (4.0 self scheduled "post-bacc" at local 4 yr)
over 1000 hours volunteering at church (non-trads have some time to do that... I'm 36)
Eagle Scout (lots of service hours)
Shadowed gastroenterologist 20 hours
Shadowed orthopedic surgeon (hand specialist) 50 hours
Shadowed rural pediatrician 200 hours

I applied (and interviewed) Early Decision with Mercer (MD), but was put into regular decision (passed over).

I have secondary application requests from 14 DO schools, I am complete at 5 of them and waiting for a "complete" email from 2 others.

The MCAT is a bit low for MD, I get that. Next semester, though, I am not taking any classes and will be studying for a retake. Until today, that was my back-up plan. I now wonder if I should give the MCAT a better chance than I did and try for MD the whole way. If I were able to raise my MCAT to 30, would it be worth turning down a DO spot for 2014 in order to apply MD 2015? Should I at least try a retake in January to see if I can bump up for the Mercer regular cycle? Would a January retake even be considered?
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Jun 28, 2012
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Tricky questions that are about the risk you're willing to take.

I think, with your great story, you would have a chance getting into MD as is (only applying to one school is probably what killed you). Of course your 26 does you no favors and a MCAT > 30 would do wonders.

My opinions:
Turn down DO to apply MD in 2014: If you wouldn't be happy with DO. Realize that you're potentially losing another year of attending salary off the end of your career in order to wait. Worst case, you're burning bridges at DO schools and may not be successful with MD next year.
Retake in January for this cycle: Why not... if you can study hard. If you decide to reapply next year, it would be good to have a better MCAT score.
Retake considered: This may depend on the school and your application status -- I don't know if Mercer has deadlines and cutoffs. You should check with them.

Try not to panic yet, as it sounds like you're still under consideration at Mercer and have plenty of DO applications out there. Go on some interviews and try and make as informed a decision as possible!
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Jun 10, 2010
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100% concur. Bird in the hand is worth...?

Many thanks for your service to our country.

I couldn't imagine turning down a med school slot and burning another year for a CHANCE at a different school.

That decision is yours thougn
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