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Oct 28, 2008
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I graduated from Western Michigan University in 2008 with a Bachelors with a double major (Finance and Management) in 3 years, while working almost full time. I also completed a ridiculous 31 credit hour semester at WMU while staying well above a 3.0, and had an article written about it. The problem was my GPA was only a 3.21. I am finishing up my pre-reqs for med school at Grand Valley State University, which is a highly respected liberal arts school in West Michigan. I completed my chem, organic chem, bio, genetics, physiology, anatomy, physics, and cadaver lab and my current GPA at Grand Valley is a 3.69. I work almost 30 hours a week at 2 jobs and also do the following:

-Big Brothers/Big Sisters Mentor
-Relay for Life Committee Member (Education and Advocacy Chair)
-Colleges Against Cancer Club
-Pre-Med Club
-Hunger and Homelessness Club
-Low Income Clinic Volunteer (Shadowed 8 different docs, both MD and DO, for a total of 100 hours so far)
-Help out with a project to provide low income people with medical services
-Independent Cancer Research-Trends in cancer across the state
-Emergency Room Volunteer-3 hours a week
-Soup Kitchen-10 hours total
-Employed at a home for mentally disabled adults (Direct Care Worker)
-Sales job at the Mall

My composite MCAT is a 29, so I do need to work on that. I signed up for the Kaplan course. I have 4 awesome LORs so far as well. I pretty much am giving this everything I got so I really don't have any free time.

Any opinions? I live in Michigan btw. Thanks!
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