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Mar 31, 2014
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Hey everyone first post here..

I've been doing a lot of research but I figured id go ahead and post and get some opinions.

I'm a nontraditional with a business undergrad degree and an MBA. Also have about 5 years working in the financial industry and 4 years in sales. Currently 27 years old. Undergrad GPA is 3.4. Grad GPA is 3.7. My undergrad transcript has 6 Ws. One of the classes I dropped in my very first semester was a non science major biology course and lab. A lot of these Ws are mainly because I just slacked in undergrad. I also received a C in chemistry early on because that semester I transferred to another school late because of a hurricane so it was special circumstances. I plan on starting in the summer of this year to take all the prerequisites. It looks like I can finish the majority of the prereqs by May of next year. Assuming I can get all the other parts of the application complete and take the DAT around late June or July of next year, would it be a good idea to apply at that time? Or should I wait to apply the following year so I can get the application in a little earlier? Also, will the Ws completely ruin any chances or should I be honest and just tell them I was young and not as dedicated as I am now?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, don't worry about the W's so long as they are in your past. Make sure you don't have any more, and if they are asked about just explain them. I think personally there is no harm in applying next year, because you can always apply again the following year if you don't get in, but you'll never know if you wasted a year by not trying. That is, of course, if you are willing and able to afford applying multiple times :).
Hopefully, by the time you apply, SDN will have fixed the keyboard that, for today, appears to be stuck on "me".
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Hopefully, by the time you apply, you will have a keyboard that is not stuck on "me".

Haha doc, it's an April fool's prank SDN is playing :). _I_ thought that _I_ had lost the ability to use the English language before _I_ figured it out :).
Haha doc, it's an awesome thing SDN is playing :). _I_ thought that _I_ had lost the ability to use the English language before _I_ figured it out :).
Oh wow... apparently they are also changing a_pril f_ool's to "awesome thing". Good one SDN! Love it!