North Carolina MPJE Experience

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Apr 13, 2009
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A little background of me; I have 3.5 years as a retail pharmacist working overnights in California; I have no LTCF or hospital experience outside of rotations. I studied for the NC MPJE for approximately one month while juggling my work shifts. Bought the $99 study guide from the NC Pharmacist Association website, practice questions for NC which were both very helpful in emphasizing what needs to be known entering the mpje. I did not read the DEA Pharmacist’s manual but I do believe it will help tremendously for those straight out of school & as a refresher. The amount of time I spent per day was in the range of 2-3 hours per day while cramming for the exam 4 days prior to my test date.

When taking the exam make sure you do not rush! Read the questions & answers carefully; by doing so you’ll be able to eliminate at least a few answers. The wording can be very tricky and if you do not read it correctly you’ll be steered into selecting the wrong answer choice(s). To reiterate what others have said about the mpje it is very difficult. It’s not like the CPJE where the questions were more straight forward; you either know it or you don’t. The mpje really likes to mess with your head and I left the exam after approximately 2 hours in a daze; I too felt that I failed. One week later I found out that I passed.

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