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Sep 14, 2015
Birmingham, AL
Pre-Physical Therapy
Just got accepted to Northwestern today!!!!

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Major: Public Health - Global Health Studies
Overall GPA: 3.63
Pre-Req GPA: ~3.28 (depending on the school)
GRE: 153V, 156Q, 4.0AW

Extra-Curric: Student Government, Dance Team, Pre-PT Society, Public Health Student Association

Volunteer: 100 hours, 3 settings

Applied: UIC, Northwestern, Emory, Mercer, Drexel, Rutgers, UF, USF

Plan to Apply: UAB, UT - Southwestern

Acceptances: Northwestern University (10/10)

Rejections: N/A

Interviews: Rutgers North (11/18)


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Oct 6, 2015
Physical Therapy Student
I applied in last year's cycle. Got accepted to Northwestern with these stats, but ultimately chose to go to another school for financial reasons.

Cumulative GPA:
Pre-Req GPA: 3.16
Combined Science and Math: 3.08 (ouch)
Last 60 hours: 3.9ish
GRE: V:157, Q:155, W:4.0

Extra Curricular: Competed regionally and nationally on a motorsports team for 7 years (2007-13). In 2014 and 2015 managed a national touring Sprint Car team (30-50 hours/week pretty much all year round). Started a graphic design business from the ground up - serving clients all over the nation (2014). Intramural sports chair. Campus ministry student leader. First Aid/CPR/AED certified.

Observation: 116 hours (outpatient clinic, surgical center, in-patient rehab @ hospital)

Applied: Duke, Florida International, Northwestern, Ohio State, University of Iowa, KU Medical Center, Miami, Nebraska Medical Center, and South Carolina.

Interviews: Miami (11/20), Nebraska Medical Center (12/18)

Accepted: Northwestern (11/17), University of Nebraska Medical Center (Omaha) (3/1)

Waitlisted: Miami (2/29)

Rejected: Everywhere else

I got C's in Chem 1 and 2 and did not retake them. You can get into a top school with a less than perfect GPA. But you pretty much have to shine in every other aspect of your application and make yourself stand out.