Northwestern vs UC Berkeley premed?


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Apr 3, 2020
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Admitted to both and trying to figure out where to go for undergrad for bio. Know about the UCB program and data available.

Have some questions regarding Northwestern:

Due to the BS/MD and the early assurance program, are research opportunities and shadowing more difficult to obtain?

How impactful is the priority given to the BS/MD and early assurance students on other premeds at Northwestern?

Does an elitist or clique like atmosphere between those in those programs and other premeds?

How many other than the 21 BS/MD and 9 early assurance get into Feinberg?

What is the average BCMP gpa of applicants?

Are STEM classes grade capped?

What's the typical grade distribution in Biology and Chemistry classes? Have heard these are curved to a B-?

Other than CTECs are there any resource available to assess the professors or classes?

How competitive is the culture in premed?

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