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Sep 6, 2003
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for all those who keep seeing such positive stories about step 2 ck scores being higher than step 2, here is the other side of the coin.
used Crush(terrible, would not use if had to do over again), Boards & Wards and FA, and UW, left with 400's left, was getting around 50-55%, and had read all the kaplan books in 3rd year during the rotations and did kaplan qbank duringthe 3rd year, and got a big ole 190, down by about 12 points from Step 1, so the moral of the story, wish I would have stuck with Kaplan through and through and not gotten such a dismal score!now I am beginning to worry about Step 3 and whether I should just take it at the end of 4th year as the rest of the year is pretty light. My message to everyone , try not to use too many resources for studying, stick with one set of quesitons and I review that will give you a sense of confidence, and I would also suggest taking it closer to 3rd year


sorry about your situation. but i don't know if kaplan would've helped you that much, if at all. you'll never know if not doing kaplan was the reason but it seemed like you did all that you could. You unfortunately just ended up with a poor score.

just an FYI: considering your score, you shouldn't be giving out advice. many people have used more than one source and question bank/books to study including myself and have done well. many people also have taken it later in 4th year and done well. But, you're just probably venting, right?
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