Not many interview invites... too early to worry?

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Feb 12, 2024
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cgpa: 3.5, mcat: 502, went for a master's degree and looooottttsss of research experience.

I applied to 8 DO programs and 16 MD programs. So far, I've had 3 interview invites from DO programs and only 1 for MD. Not sure if they're going by MCAT score and I should expect to hear back about interviews later into the cycle, or if it's late enough now that this is a pretty good indicator I'm just waiting on rejection letters at this point. Input super appreciated <3

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You have greater than zero interviews. Did you get decisions from these 4?

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Thanks! My first interview was 10/12/23 and got an acceptance (!!) 1/9/24. I haven't heard back from my last interview (1/26/24) and have two more lined up (2/22/24 and 2/23/24 respectively).
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Assume that you will not get more interviews. If you do get any, you 'll be pleasantly surprised.

Plan on attending the school that admitted you in January and if you get any more offers, cross that bridge when you come to it.

Don't build up your anxiety playing "what if". Assume the that the status quo is how it will be and live your life as if things, in this regard, will not change.
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At least for MD, I’d say don’t expect any more invites at this point. Can’t speak to DO but I know their cycle runs a little later
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