Nova Class of 2029 Interview/Acceptance Thread

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Dec 25, 2016
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Last year's thread: Nova Class of 2028 Interview/Acceptance Thread

Link to interview prep: Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine Interview Feedback
----> Be sure to give feedback on your interview to help future applicants! :)

Link to school website: Dental Medicine Doctoral Program Admissions | NSU College of Dental Medicine

Class of 2024 (ADEA Guide) General Stats:
Overall GPA: 3.53
Science GPA: 3.46
DAT: 20.8AA, 21.3TS, 19.4PAT
Applied: 2,280
OOS: 1,447 Applied, N/A Interviewed, 89 Accepted
IS: 651 Applied, N/A Interviewed, 158 Accepted
International: 182 Applied, N/A Interviewed, 18 Accepted
# Enrolled: 122
OOS Students Enrolled:
AZ‑1, CA‑1, GA‑1, IL‑3, KS‑1,
MD‑1, MI‑1, NC‑3, NJ‑1, OH‑1,
OR‑1, PA‑1, SC‑1, TN‑1, TX‑1,
UT‑1, WA‑1, WI‑1, Canada‑1,
Nigeria‑1, Italy‑2

Class of 2026 (ADEA Guide) General Stats:
Overall GPA: 3.59
Science GPA: 3.53
DAT: 20.8AA, 20.7TS, 19.9PAT
Applied: 2,407
OOS: 1,154 Applied, 140 Accepted
IS: 654 Applied, 156 Accepted
International: 199 Applied, 27 Accepted
# Enrolled: 125
5th-95th Percentiles
Science: 2.98-3.98
Overall: 3.10-3.98
OOS Students Enrolled:
AZ-2, CA-2, CO-1, GA-4,
IL-4, LA-1, MI-2, NH-1, NJ-6,
NY-4, NC-1, OH-1, OR-1, TN-1,
TX-1, VA-1, Canada-3, France-2,
India-2, Jamaica-1, South Korea-1,
United Kingdom-1, Venezuela-1

Good luck everyone!

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