Sep 21, 2014
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  1. Pre-Dental
Hey, I'm new to the thread. Some background info: I was going through a lot of family issues over the summer (both my parents had to have emergency surgeries). Between that and school, I wasn't able to get my application out until September 1st.
My GPA is a 3.7, my DAT score is 20/20/20, I have done lots of shadowing work, taken a dental lab course where we worked on D2 type lab work, and held leadership positions in many clubs including being captain of my rugby team for 3 years.
So I got an Interview at Nova Southeastern (my number 1 choice) basically right away, but the only open spot was February 4th.
1) Am I at a huge disadvantage (like do I even have a chance of getting accepted) because of how late I applied?
2) What is the interview like at Nova?
3) How can I knock this interview out of the park?
4) Am I screwed?
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