November Test Date

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Jul 9, 2006
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How weird/wrong/not-good would it be to take the test in November?

I'm an md/phd, and will be working on my phd then (would have just started), and things seem pretty set in stone with that, so I think I could set time from September through November every night to sit down and study for this thing when I'm not in lab, or even during downtime in lab. I know I'll HAVE to do it then, and I know I CAN do it then.

Is there anything wrong with taking it then? Are the exams any different at that time? Are the USMLE Gods harsh toward such test-takers on abnormal test dates? :D

What are some thoughts you guys have? Any good advice out there about this? I'm pretty sure I'll have to end up taking it in November....say, around Thanksgiving time.

(As for the other replies to posts I've made, Thanks to those of you with encouraging words and advice, it really helped me!)

Any advice is greatly greatly appreciated.


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