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Dec 19, 2008
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While I was volunteering with a Licensed PT, I asked her if there were other tests other than the NPTE to be able to practice, such as state exams. She says that there is only the NPTE to practice and that there are no individual state licensure exams. She did say however, that individual states have different passing scores. I read down on another post and saw that there are state licensure exams. Can practicing PT's and others who has information on this clarify this one.
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Nov 18, 2008
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Really? I thought there were individual exams. Has it always been like that?
May 23, 2011
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I was recently checking into what the expected exams would be........
In arizona there is a jurisprudence examination basically about the PT LAWS in AZ. I was wondering if this test is scheduled at a different time or as part of the NPTE.???

I also saw on the FSBPT site that the passing score is 600 on a scale of 200-800 like the old GRE. Sill searching. I won't grad from PT program until 2015...so many things can change by then.
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