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May 21, 2003
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I am a DO student who is applying to both catagorical and advanced anesthesia programs. If I match into an advanced program, I am planning on scrambling into one of the many, many unfilled DO interships. My question is: if I match into a gas program starting in the PGY-2 year, will I receive an email from the NRMP 48hrs before the match stating I am unmatched for the PGY-1 position? And, will I have to secure a DO intership before the scramble is over (and transmit this info to NRMP). Otherwise, will the NRMP assume I never secured a PGY-1 and somehow make me ineligible for the advanced program?

Any DOs out there with similiar experiences or any MD students who are matching advanced programs without ranking any PGY-1 programs?

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