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Jan 17, 2018
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Ok so opsonization is not merely the coating of a pathogen with antibodies, but the entire process by which pathogens are coated by Ab's and subsequently ingested by phagocytes.

I do understand the macrophages are APC's, but for this question I checked a random answer and moved on. Of course, the salient aspect of opsonization involves antibodies, so B is the most "correct". However, it truly depends on how one defines opsonization. For seasoned immunologists, Macrophages certainly function in the opsonization process.



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Apr 29, 2014
Hi @sapientnarwhal -

Yes, I see your point that the answer depends on whether opsonization includes the eventual response by phagocytes, and will bring this issue to our FL team for review. However, I think it's also important that you recognized that B is the "most correct", and I think that this gets at an interesting issue, which is that areas where you have real expertise can paradoxically be the most challenging. The MCAT isn't being written for seasoned immunologists, it's being written for people who have completed their basic undergraduate science coursework, and the more expertise you have, the more you're likely to push to find answers on a level of sophistication that goes beyond what the test-writers are targeting. This has been my experience personally and I've seen it in many other circumstances too. So, to summarize -- yes, the point is taken, but at the same time, as you're preparing for Test Day, it's also worth preparing yourself for the possibility that you might have to think about things in the spirit of the "most correct" answer.
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