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NSU COM housing freeing up?


~Mr. Bright Side~
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
May 8, 2003
The tip of America's wang
For any current students;

Are you or any of your fellow classmates moving out of your current house/apt/condo?

I start at NSU this Aug. and am looking for a place to live. I would also appreciate knowing if you love/hate the current place you live. I'll be checking out the unofficial NSU website also.

Thanks for all help!


Junior Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 27, 2001
Davie, FL
Bedrooms in Condo 1 block from Nova for rent
Hi there! University Village is 1 block from Nova, you can walk from the front door to your class seat in under 10 minutes and only cross 1 street. It's a 3 bed/2.5 bath condo with 1800 square feet. There are 2 rooms for rent ($500 each) that includes cable and a monthly maid service (you're going to be busy enough with school! :). Utilities are split 3 ways (power, water and phone) and the condo is equipped for a LAN DSL service if you are interested.

The condo is 2 stories, the bedrooms are on the second floor and each has its own patio. The condo comes with an OMT table as well that you can use with your roommates to practice what you learn in the OPP labs (and VERY useful prior to your practical exams). The bedrooms are unfurnished but the rest of the condo is (dining room table set up, couch, chairs and tv). Washer and dryer are located on the outside lower patio, with the other lower patio having plenty of room for a grill! (sadly, the grill is leaving, but there's plenty of space for one! :-D).
If interested, please email Andrew at [email protected] and you can check out the condo at your convenience and speak with the current roommates (they've lived here for their 2 academic years and I am not happy to see them go on their rotations...). Best of luck with your applications and interviews and look forward to meeting you!

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