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NSU housing


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Dec 18, 2007
NJ Surgery
  1. Resident [Any Field]
    I just want to start off by saying that NSU is my top choice after being accepted and that no matter what I will be attending it for the class of 2013. Since I've been accepted however, I have been starting to think about finances and i've noted that the only thing that can really fluctuate is my cost is housing. I am not interested in living with other students, since I have never lived with any during my undergraduate degree. I don't want to start living with other students because after being a Resident Advisor during a summer I realized the difficulties that can arise for students when living with others for the first time (some of which I wouldn't want to encounter during my first year of medical school since it is an important year in my medical foundation). So far, I have looked on the NSU website and noted that the graduate housing on campus for this will be around 13K for a single. Additionally, I have looked around a few counties outside the campus, such as plantation, and noticed that the apartment price is around $800 a month, with nothing included.

    Since I have lived in Buffalo, NY my whole life, I am used to paying around $485 a month with everything but trash included.

    My question to any of the NSU students is....Is there any place away from the school that has prices such as these.....what places do current students think that are good.....in the long run, is it really that bad to pay 13K a year for a single apartment?

    I have never went into medicine for the money, but lately with finances, I am sort of worried for my future....

    any opinions would be great.


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    Oct 31, 2006
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      Even mobile homes in the not-yet-developed areas west of Davie, which are the cheapest option, run at least $700. You'd be looking at a place without plumbing or electrical for sub-$500.

      Welcome to coastal living. It's worth it in many, many ways.
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      Dec 5, 2006
      1. Medical Student
        Ditto what everyone else said...plus...the slightly higher cost of living in one of the apartment complexes near campus is offset by the convenience of being near campus! With as much as you'll need to be on campus in your first year (and I'm assuming your second as well), being close is nice. Also, it means 1) not having to hassle with parking in the HPD lot, which is a PITA! and 2) You get to sleep in a little longer...and every single minute counts when you're up late studying nearly every night!

        You're gonna be taking out massive loans to pay for school anyway...what is an additional $24k (that's an additional $500/mo for four years) when you're already taking $250k in loans!?

        OK...and now back to glycogenolysis...and TCA cycle...and lipid metabolism...and....oh bollocks!


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        Apr 24, 2006
        Tally/Willkillya County
        1. Medical Student
          Honestly, I'd suck it up and just live with someone. Its not nearly the same as dorm life where people are crammed into a small cube. When you have your own bedroom and occasionally own bath, things become much easier. Plus, all odds lean towards you not spending much time at the place anyway. I've had good roomies and bad roomies and I've lived on my own. Even bad roomies weren't THAT bad, and that was back in the day when I got stuck with hardcore partiers and drug addicts...the odds of that go down significantly if you are living with a dental, medical, law...whatever professional school student. I have significant housing connections in south florida and still would have difficulty finding anything reasonable....economic issues or not.

          You could camp out at a KOA or Lion Country Safari, but even gas prices might put that down!


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          Jun 14, 2007
          1. Attending Physician
            I need to get a move on trying to find an apartment b/c I do not see myself in this condo in Kendall in the next 4 months. That would be a crappy ass commute from Kendall to Davie everyday.


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            Jan 23, 2007
            The north, for now.
            1. Resident [Any Field]
              I gave a lot of thought to the living scene in south Fl before I came. This year I am living on campus in the graduate dorms and its not that bad. The price is as low as anything in the area, I live alone, the campus shuttle system is nice as I have only had to fill up my car three times since I moved (!), and the place is new and clean. As with any dorm system, there are some silly rules that the university wants you to follow, but they are pretty fair about it. They want guests to sign in and out, I think you cant have someone sleep over for longer than three nights, alcohol is fine as long as your of age, etc'. In the end, I couldn't find anything better or cheaper without living with other people. I pay less than a grand for everything, internet, cable, trash, everything. Also, everyone here is in graduate school, they let the undergrads get plastered till 3 AM across the campus... PM me if you need more info.


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              Jun 2, 2008
              1. Pre-Medical
                I am not 100% sure I'm going to Nova next year but really thinking about it....Love the school! Do pre-M1's visit the area before school starts normally to find a place or do they just find one online? And how could I go about finding a roommate or two? (I would rather live with health professional students)
                Thanks!! Maybe see you guys next year! :D
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