Rocky Vista University Housing/Attendance

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Feb 6, 2022
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I got accepted and will be attending RVUCOM and just wanted to hear from students that have attended RVU to know more about housing options and attendance for the first two years. My wife and I wanted to know if during the first two years if most classes are on Zoom or if attendance is required. How often does a student need to be on campus for the first two years per week? We are debating some options for housing closer or further from the campus. Thank you for your help!

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As for housing which campus were you accepted to CO or UT?

As for classes most are on zoom for first year as of right now. You do have in person labs every week. PCM and OPP labs are on separate days once a week. You will also have Anatomy labs when you are in courses that have them (Anatomy Lab is just for first year). In addition to those required labs you also have some sporadic standardized patient encounters in person, ultrasound labs, etc. In second year, there is one professor who prefers in person classes. Overall, I would expect to be on campus at a minimum twice a week sometimes more depending on the schedule. And just know exams are typically 7:45am and at least for the CO campus the main interstate can be a disaster in the morning and the toll road can get expensive.

Hope that helps!
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