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Jul 19, 2008
The anticipated tuition for 2020-21 is $55,671 for Florida Residents and $62,390 for Out-of-State students. A Health Professions Division student access fee of $145 is required each year. An NSU student service fee of $1500 is also required annually along with $1000 for clinical rotation fees. Additional fees may apply.

When I was there tuition was 39k/year at its highest for an out of state student, with another 25k/year in loans allowed for living expenses. During clinical rotations I was used a money generating note writer. Anyway if anyone remembers the Gold Rush, it wasn't the miners that became rich, it was the store owners.

Forget medicine. Get a masters in statistics and an EdD and join a medical school administration, the NBOME/NBME, or the ABMS. Become an expert in speaking in platitudes then laugh your way to the bank.
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