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Jan 14, 2004
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are there lots of new yorkers at nsu?

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Yeah, there are quite a few of us NYers down here at NSU. I've been down here for 12 years, since I was 17. Some came down just for the school, others have been down here a while. South Florida is FULL of NYers, as you will soon learn when you come down here.
any russians at nsu?
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Yes, I know we have Russians at NSU also. I know their names, but not who they are personally. One person I'm not sure if they are Russian or German.......

Any others you want to know about?
how about russians teaching renal.....all i kept hearing was Ivan Drago's voice from Rocky IV..."I will break you"....good stuff at NSU! I've racked up some more impersonations to add to my ammo...:laugh:
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any albinos at NSU?

Well, there is one very fair skinned, very fair haired professor who looks albino, but I'm not sure if she is for sure. Does that count? Maybe one of my classmates can say more definitively.

Any other groups of people you want to know about??? I think we have almost everything here.
Happy to join the family :D While I'm bummin it up here in PA, I wonder about the new adventures med school will bring.

I wanna learn some spanish. I did French in HS. IS there a quick way to do that? Suggested reading?
Hey Sholly,
I gathering you are russian from your questions. i am russian too and I'll start the M1 class in the fall of 2004. Currently a master student at NOVA.I am also originally from NY (Brooklyn), where are you from Russia, and from NY?
Spanish is definitely a good thing to learn down here....I'd recommend hittin a few latin clubs before u start school down here(South Beach ofcourse) :laugh: .....but seriously, at NSU....there's a club for hispanic students that teaches you medical spanish for free...its great......then you'll be ready to go on the Guatemalan Medical Mission trip where u'll be thrown in the deep end and really have to learn your spanish!!! I love this place....so many opportunities...so many great clubs...so many sweet beaches!!!! Oh did I mention South Beach is no longer 5 states away from me!!! woohoooooo :D

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