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Dec 13, 2012
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As a DO student from NSU, what opportunities for research do i have in the florida area?

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I'm sure there's some? I doubt people are just gonna straight out give you a gig. Google first, cold call/email possible PIs, and ask your school. Then come around here asking specifics. If you do the legwork you'll have a lot more luck on here with people. Good luck
As a DO student from NSU, what opportunities for research do i have in the florida area?
There's this thing, and it's called google, and if you looked up Nova's location and compared it to the other medical schools in FL, you'd see what's available.

If you lack even this level of common sense, I despair at how you're going to survive medical school.
At Nova you either need to be a VERY good student or a 2nd year MBS repeating the year to take something like Micro, then you get reach projects given to you and if you push they’ll get published. If you’rs acing your classes professors will reach out or you can hit of the CCR (giant research building right next to us) they just got 8mil for Gulf War Syndrome research, Dr Bested is who to talk to. Or they have allergy research always going on, cancer research, there’s neuro research going on next to the anatomy lab all the time.

The thing is... there are 500 DO students between 1st and 2nd year and they all want to be competitive for whatever reach specialty, they know this. They find motivated students on their own and don’t tend to be too helpful outside of that. If you want to go make it happen on your own, then your next best bet is to reach out to the dozens of residency programs in the area and ask if you can help a resident write up a case. Real talk though, they get burned by med students with eyes bigger than their brains ALL. THE. TIME. So don’t feel bad when you get shifty looks. That said, the motivated student make it happen. We just had a conference and there were like 196 posters present, mostly by NSU students working with local residents.
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