Nov 19, 2014
Pre-Physical Therapy
So I posted to this forum about a year ago now talking about how I was doubting myself on getting into PT school. Well eventually I decided that I wanted to stay in the PT field but did not want to go to grad school and take the crazy loans out for it. So I decided I wanted to be a PTA, there are no schools for PTA in my area. But due to money I couldn't afford to go this year so I stayed at my local university that I had been taking my pre-PT courses at and decided to transfer into the BSN program.

This is an excellent program (one of the best at the school) and I find that I am doing fairly well in the program but I am struggling with some things. I really feel that I want to be a PTA and be in that field but have heard Nursing makes significantly more money and is a much much better career.

Regardless of all that I still feel that I made the wrong decision not going to PTA school. Everyone I've shadowed in the field has told me how much better Nursing is but part of me is still conflicted.

Any thoughts?
Aug 2, 2015
Pre-Physical Therapy
I think your indecisiveness is causing your more grief than either of your options. I say this as a formerly indecisive person who found that his life became much easier when he learned to firmly commit to a choice.


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Dec 4, 2014
Pre-Physical Therapy
Nursing and PT are wildly different. Salary aside, what would you rather be doing?


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Jan 29, 2012
Physical Therapist
Very different. I'd stick with nursing since you have already committed.
Aug 3, 2015
Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
You sound like you do not actually want to be a nurse. It seems you only want to be a nurse because of other's opinions and the fact that you're "in a good program". PTAs probably don't know anything about nursing, they are most likely just saying that because of a nurse's salary; and, salary isn't everything. You need to do more research and observe more PTAs and nurses. Also, PTA courses are a lot less expensive than university courses, so I am not understanding the financial issue. Do YOU want to be a nurse? Do YOU want to be a PTA? Or does Sally, Susie, and Jim want you to be a nurse because you'll make more money?
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