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NYC ob/gyn residencies


Junior Member
5+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Apr 3, 2004
Has anyone interviewed in NYC and have impressions they can share about any of the programs in this area?

Particulary but not limited to:
NYU Downtown
Mt. Sinai
St. Vincents
St. Lukes


Junior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Sep 7, 2003
Here are my thoughts...

1. Columbia- Didn't get an interview....Can't help too much with that one :(

2. Cornell- Ranked it #3.... I really liked the residents and attendings. Academically, they are not the strongest. They have protected study time for residents twice a month (most other programs have time set aside weekly). Upper east side population, which has its pros and cons. Patients are highly educated and motivated, which is nice. I wanted a place with a little more diversity. Vaginal deliveries are hard to come by as a lot of the patients are AMA with multiples (big IVF program) and end up being sectioned. I didn't think the clinical experience here was that strong overall.

3. NYU- Ranked it #1 and didn't get it :( Hands down, the best OB/GYN program in the tri-state! Great residents and attendings! Academically strong, great opportunities for research, good patient diversity. Nice contrast between Tisch and Bellevue Hospitals (although they are down the block from one another). One caters more to affluent, private patients, while the other services less priviledged women. NYU was the only program I ranked above my school (UMDNJ-NJMS) as it was the only one worth moving into NYC for.

4. Mt. Sinai- Ranked it #4.... It was a good place! Not nice enough for me to leave Jersey to move into NYC, though.

5. NYU Downtown- Didn't apply

6. Einstein- Absolutely hated it. Did not rank it. I think it is a phenomenal program (on paper). I just could not see myself fitting in there. Nothing specific.

7. St. Luke's-Roosevelt....really liked them a lot. I personally wanted a university program so I ranked them low on my list (#5), but if you are open to community programs, check them out. Nice residents, young attendings, awesome facilities.

AND, if Jersey is not too far a reach, look into UMDNJ-NJMS. I'm a little biased as it's my med school and where I'll be staying for residency. If you have questions, drop me a PM.

Hope this helps a little....
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