NYC Surgical Pathology or Cytopathology Fellowships

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Feb 17, 2004
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Can anyone comment on the quality of these fellowship programs? I do not want to gross as a fellow, unless someone can convince me otherwise. I'm speaking particularly about MSK. Also, I'm aware that NYU will no longer be offering a surg path fellowship.

I'm geographically limited for fellowship, but I know that NYC has a lot. My ultimate goal is private practice or community-based hospital, and I'm coming from a high caliber path program in the NE.

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3. Surgical Pathology fellowship (in discussion)at Beth Israel Medical Center (Non-ACGME accredited, 1-2/yr). The fellows are expected to function as PAs but paid only half. Contact program coordinator, Ms. Mildred Diaz ([email protected]) for possible openings.