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Mar 24, 2006
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Hello to all,
I've been accepted 2 schools in Northern CA and NYC respectively (both Touros)...
Was hoping someone with insight (i.e. current student or resident) could help me weigh the pros and cons of rotating and/ or practicing medicine in either area (long run).

I think NYC would give me a tremendous demographic edge as a STUDENT...I have relatives completing EM and OB/GYN residencies in NYC...They say a lot of hospitals depend rather heavily on rotating students and residents, so rotations & residencies are not gonna be a problem...The catch about NYC is, the hours will be long (as I would imagine with hospital dependency as described) and most of the hospitals are going to be in *tough* areas...Some hospitals where Touro will likely set up rotations:
North General
Columbia Presbyterian
St. John
Staten Island

But if I want to come back to CA in the long run (residency)? I know certain CA hospitals are familiar with Touro, regardless of which one I attended for med school. So it's not like I'd be attending a total newbie school no one in CA has heard of....I guess NYC=$$$ as a student and CA=lawsuits as a doctor?
Someone help!


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Aug 24, 2005
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Touro in CA has been around longer, and already has rotations,etc. setup, whereas Touro in Harlem, no one really knows yet what will happen with their rotations. I would definitely go to the more established school unless you are dead set on NYC. I've lived in NYC metro area pretty much all my life, and having visited San Fransisco several times, I must say it seems to be a much nicer, cleaner life out there. California seems like a great place to live. Nicer climate too.
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