NYCOM..Just a rumor??

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by stillwaiting, May 2, 2004.

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    I heard that NYCOM lost its "contract" with one of its major clinical hospitals in the Bronx, I believe it is St. Barnabas? Has anyone else heard this or is it just bull..?
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    You are partly right, but mostly wrong. :) St. Barnabus hospital in the Bronx is still an academic clinical campus for NYCOM. Third and fourth year student will still rotate there in significant numbers. The rumor you may have heard was regarding the NYCOMEC affilation. NYCOMEC is the group of approximately 100+ residency and internship slots that is under the umbrella of NYCOM. St. Barnabus recently decided to become part of the PCOM umbrella, but it was more for political reasons than anything else.... had to do with political connections between the President of the hospital and the old president of NYIT (nycom's parent school), who is now the president of PCOM. This affilation really means absolutely nothing in the long run, as most of the attendings at Barnabus are still NYCOM grads, and NYCOM grads will still match there for residency without any difficulty. I think half of the incoming emergency medicine class at Barnabus are nycom grads this year.

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