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    1)Academics(classes, exams,n boards)
    2)Ratations n Residencies ( Match)
    Do DOs have different Match List from MD?
    Does PCOM have on campus housing?

    I am a NY resident and want to practice in NYC, will it be more difficult if I go to PCOM.
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    I think the only way someone can accurately comment about these two schools is if he/she has attended both schools. From what I've seen and heard, PCOM seems to have the better reputation. I believe PCOM has limited housing, while NYCOM has none.
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    Both schools are highly regarded in their respective cities.

    NYCOM has great clinical affiliations. About 50% of their graduates go into specialty fields.

    PCOM also has some great clinical affiliations. And, about 50% of their grad go into specialty fields as well.

    PCOM has a better campus with more student facilities.

    PCOM does not have on campus housing, but there are dozens of apartment buildings that are very close to PCOM...just look on their website.

    NYCOM does not have on campus housing. Living in the surrounding area is largely dependant on finding a house. This may be more expensive that an apartment in Philadelphia (at least my apartment).

    At PCOM, youre right in the city. Quick bus ride to downtown. NYCOM, you need to drive so there is no way to get around unless you own a car.

    Classrooms at both schools match up. I think NYCOM has a more impressive OMM Lab while PCOM has the better Anatomy Lab. Library, PCOM wins.

    Alumni base, PCOM wins.

    Exams I really dont know much about. I know PCOM gives you the day before an exam off. NYCOM works in blocks. 4-5 weeks of lecture, then exams.

    Class size is similar, with NYCOM being slightly larger due to the immigrant physician program.

    Here's how it looks to me.

    Location: PCOM
    Class Size: draw
    Alumni base (connections): PCOM
    Campus: PCOM
    Living Convenience: PCOM
    Living Cost: PCOM
    Exams schedule: draw
    Classes/Labs: draw
    Rotations: NYCOM (from what I'm told)
    Students: PCOM (much happier from what I saw)
    Tuition: draw
    Dual Degree: PCOM
    Library: PCOM
    Undergrad Fellowships: NYCOM

    PCOM - 12
    NYCOM - 6

    Those are some of the things that were important to me, and the score I came up with.

    Both good schools. Do with whatever feeling you had when you walked onto the campus. That's what did it for me.

    Good luck.

    PCOM Class of 2006

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