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  1. Hi, I was wondering how NYCOM ranks among other osteopathic medical schools. How is campus life, and most importantly, how is traffic down there? Are there good apartments available in the NYCOM area?
    Your feedback will be appreciated.
    Also- how is endocrinology at NYCOM, is there a higher continuum for endocrinology at NYCOM than other osteopathic schools?

    --Your feedback will be appreciated.

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  3. DepressedNYCOMstudent

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    Nov 29, 2000
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    The opinion of other people might be different but since you asked I will honestly tell you my opinion about NYCOM.

    I chose NYCOM because of the wonderful hospitals it is affiliated with. Also, I love New York and location was important to me.

    Campus life: There isn't any ( unless you are the type of person who enjoys cracking dirty jokes on the last seat of the class while the professor is lecturing). I am a serious person and I don't like to be around people who make mischievous jokes and in the process they hurt and offend others. However, these naughty immature people seem to be the popular people of the class who seem to get all the love from the class and everybody wants to be with them. If you are serious and like to be a nice gentleman to people then you will not be liked here and will face depressing isolation and feelings of being unwanted at this school. This is my opinion and I speak from only my own experiences. Others may have they their own opinions and may disagree with me and I respect that.

    Traffic: I wouldn't say that traffic is most important but it depends where you are coming from. Its usual traffic....

    Apartments: Hmmm...Yes there are apartments available in that area but they are all pretty expensive. Thats why many students commute from places as far as Queens., etc to get there. If you want an apartment in that area you must have around $800-$1000 rent to live there.

    I am not so sure how to answer your endocrinology question. May be somebody else will be able to answer it for you.

    Good Luck.
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    Queens isn't all that far from NYCOM and a nice alternative to living in Glen Cove. If you live in Queens, a place like Flushing, Forest Hills, or Rego Park would be ideal and fairly close.

    From Flushing it's a fairly short drive on 25A straight out to NYCOM. From Forest Hills/Rego Park, you'd just hop onto the Van Wyck to get to the LIE. Of course this is all coming from someone who doesn't have to make that kind of a commute every morning. [​IMG] Sorry if I'm misrepresenting the difficulties of commuting to NYCOM. I know someone who commutes from Brooklyn!

    Tim Wu.
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    Hmmmmmmmm......... campus life? Well for the first two years you will not have any. NYCOM almost prides itself on having an impossible curriculum which produces minds you have seen at work at the "NYCOM geese" thread, if this tells you anything. As far as how NYCOM ranks, I havent seen an official listing anywhere. If you look at different aspects of NYCOM you will get widely different pictures, mainly that the first two years here are hell and the last two are the delayed gratification of the first two..... there are decent professors, and as anywhere you have the sample population of PhD's that should not be let out of the lab. The clinical affiliations are very strong with great teaching, but the administration itself can and will make your life miserable for the first two years, provided nothing changes from the time you get in. The admin problem , I believe aminly stems from the rapid growth of class sizes in the past few years without creating new positions to deal with such an onslaught of students. Hopefully the logistics of this will work themselves out by the time you get into your first year..... until then , you are looking at a lot of pate hungry students!

    As far as endocrinology goes, Im sorry I cant help you with thtat one.... the second year lecturers are very good, and the clinical affiliates can definitely get your foot into the door, but a lot will ride on your complex one board scores.
  6. Thanks for the info.

  7. drchrislareau

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    NYCOM has the best hospitals and is probably where the term "gung-ho D.O." originated. If you really have the desire you can go anywhere from here. It's New York City--more doctors here than any where else in the world.

    Be sure to behave yourself and stay in good graces with administration and fellow students--you need both to survive. Unless you are at the top of your class you will only get a "satisfactory" letter of recommendation from the school, so if you want a decent residency you'll need to impress a residency program head somewhere, publish a paper or get honors in multiple subjects. When I was there, honors were given to students in the top 10%.
  8. really? thanks for the information. I appreciate it. :D

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