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Jan 23, 2016
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Would love to hear what people think about NYIT-OW vs LECOM-B. I'm personally looking to hear about the reputation of each school and how well students do on USMLE and in allopathic residency match coming from each school. I have already thought about the location differences, PBL vs LDP, and cost of attendance and am just looking to hear about which people think is the 'better school' in terms of reputation and success of graduates.



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May 24, 2006
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NYIT-OW has some exciting changes coming next year; they're completely re-vamping the curriculum to make it almost completely case-based/active discussion, and less lecture-based.
And for clinical rotations: Medicine and Surgery will now be 8 weeks long, instead of 10, leaving more room for electives during the 3rd year.
There is also talk to start 3rd year earlier in March/April like many MD schools have started to do, vs. the typical August start date, to leave more space for electives and flex/interview time in fourth year.
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