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  1. M

    EAP Lecom?

  2. H

    MSU accreditation problem vs LECOM-B

    Accepted to LECOM-B; trying to decide if it is worth interviewing at MSU. Originally a no-brainer! I was really excited to receive the invite. When I went to look up if MSU has an exceptional accreditation, I was dismayed to find they are in the same boat as LMU-DCOM and under “heightened...
  3. M3_SixSpeed

    EVMS Med masters vs. LECOM vs. Heritage MAMS Wa. State

    Hey all, Wondering what you all would suggest the best masters program would be out of EVMS med masters 1 year, LECOM and Heritage MAMS. What I did like about EVMS is its 1 year and potential to matriculate to an MD program. problem with EVMS is I rarely find any info about it on the forums. The...
  4. doctor.dreams

    Please help.. What are my chances of getting into DO this cycle?

  5. C

    LECOM-Bradenton vs ARCOM

    I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into two schools, ARCOM and LECOM-Bradenton; however I am having trouble deciding which one to attend. I am from Florida and hope to practice in Florida in the future; however, I really love ARCOM as a school better and I feel like this school would...
  6. D


    Hello! I'm a current MMS student and most likely going to go the LECOM-B next year, because of the conditional acceptance that's tied into the masters. Just to clarify the 3rd year the school sets up your rotations for you and they are going to be your core rotations. 4th year you pick elective...
  7. S

    What is LECOM interview like?

    I'm interviewing at LECOM dental school and haven't seen much about their interviews. What is their style like and what types of questions do they ask? Any major things I should know about the school? Thank you in advance!
  8. sweatytshirt

    Interview Coordination

    Anyone have an interview with Nova (DO), UIWSOM, or LECOM (Bradenton) and want to split a hotel or Air BnB?
  9. Richanesthesiologist

    Should I apply to LECOM now

    I'm between Sophomore and Junior Years. My overall GPA is a 3.83 while my science GPA is a 3.73. I have a near perfect (35) ACT score I haven't taken the MCAT yet. However, I saw LECOM doesn't require the MCAT and they will use an academic index score with the overall GPA and the SAT/ACT. I...
  10. abtazz12

    Just received a LECOM secondary application email, to start class in 2018...?

    I applied to LECOM last year, to start this year, and got a rejection e-mail. I decided to apply again this year (to start next year, 2019). I completed the AACOMAS application, and got verified, a few weeks ago (in May). Well, today I received an e-mail from LECOM telling me to submit a...
  11. W

    LECOM Erie vs. Bradenton?

    Which is better?
  12. S

    LECOM-B vs PCOM-GA vs DMU (waitlist)

    I'm accepted to LECOM-B & PCOM-GA and WL at DMU. All are OOS for me. Currently my goal is to be a primary care pediatrician but I might want to specialize further down the road. Important things- Fiance is actively pursuing a job in Sarasota, FL but he still would have to go through an...
  13. Gdelgado7155

    Which pharmacy school is better for residency purposes?

    Hi everyone, I recently got accepted to PBA, LECOM, and USF. I just wanted someone to shed some light on which program would be better for residency and being matched. Also pros and cons of each school. Any feedback would be great!
  14. D


    Haven't found a thread for this one yet! Who else is part of this class? :)
  15. D

    LECOM-Bradenton vs. VCOM-Auburn

    I have interviewed at both schools and really liked both. I'm having issues deciding. I learn best via conversation, talking things out. So the Lecture style at VCOM versus the PBL at LECOM isn't as cut and dry a choice. In the lecture, I am listening for hours. In PBL I am reading all day...
  16. anatomicalagb


    I have an interview in February at the Bradenton campus and was wondering if there were any current students or applicants that had anything to say about the school/interview process positive or negative?
  17. anatomicalagb

    LECOM-B Interview

    I just got an interview at the Bradenton campus scheduled for February. Does anyone have a link for an interview thread for LECOM or know what the interview will be like?
  18. C

    LECOM Bradenton, Rotations (2017)

    Hi all, Recently accepted to LECOM-B. Curious about the quality of rotations as of 2017 (and if anyone knows if it's improving). I'm determining quality by likelihood of getting out of the Bradenton area, and into a decent hospital. If anyone can share ideas on which sites are available/good...
  19. S


    Would love to hear what people think about NYIT-OW vs LECOM-B. I'm personally looking to hear about the reputation of each school and how well students do on USMLE and in allopathic residency match coming from each school. I have already thought about the location differences, PBL vs LDP, and...
  20. S

    LECOM STUDENTS- Transferring between campuses??

    Hi :) I'm a first year student at LECOM-SH. Everything is fine, passing all my classes and such but really hoping to try to apply to transfer to LECOM-B beginning next year. Has anyone ever transferred from one of the PA campuses to LECOM-B? If so, how do we go about applying to do this?? Thanks!!!
  21. B

    Group Interview?

    Hey guys, just wondering what your experiences were with group interviews. Were they more fun than traditional? What did you notice was most important in this style of interviewing? Thanks!
  22. Dockt0rOktopusz

    LECOM Bradenton vs TouroCOM Middletown? Urgent! Deadline Tomorrow

    Hey everybody, I've been an long time on/off lurker here but I need your help and wasn't sure who else to turn to, this late in the game! I've been accepted at TouroCOM Middletown (I was part of their master's/postbacc program) and even put in the deposit. However, I just got off the wait list...
  23. Bionista

    LECOM Bradenton - Avoid at all costs?

    I have heard mixed reviews and someone told me to avoid this school, however I'm not sure how strongly I value their opinion. Anyone going there currently or went there who can give some advice? Would you choose it again if you had the chance? Thanks guys!
  24. Sinairam

    LECOM-Bradenton Alternate List Class of 2020

    Hi :') I wanted to start a list of alternates for this cycle to vent our frustration or excitement if we don't hear or do hear from them. I called today and I was ofered and alternate position and my admissions satus changed to "The Office of Admissions received confirmation of your position on...