NYITCOM (OW) vs. RCSI (Dublin)

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Feb 6, 2024
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I got into both NYIT and RCSI and am unsure of which to choose. I'm still waiting for SUNY Downstate to get back to me, but my deposit for RCSI is due tonight and I don't know if I should pay it (it's very expensive). I believe RCSI is better than most international medical schools (in 2023 they had a 90% US match rate). Plus, I'm an dual US and EU citizen, so if I wanted to I could always stay and do residency in Europe. But if I want to come back to the US, I think NYIT would probably be the better option, right? Although it seems like 2023 had more IMGs in internal medicine than DOs. Surgical residencies definitely have more DOs, but still little compared to MDs. Not sure what to do. If I get into Downstate then none of this will matter lol.

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Attend a US medical school if you wish to practice in the US. I see no reason to pursue this other school.
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