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Jul 15, 2001
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Will I be able to get access to the New York Medical College secondary application and submit it? My AMCAS application has not been verified yet. It may take a very long time until that happens so I want to get started on my secondary. Do I have to wait until its verified and how will I be notified that I can then acess their secondary?

Thanks for your responses in advance.


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Nov 28, 2001
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You won't be able to access the secondary until your AMCAS has been verified, that is if NYMC has not changed the way it distributes secondaries. NYMC sends your password/pin once the aforementioned is completed. Don't worry though- NYMC does not require an essay, the secondary only asks for general information, a check, and ~I think~ a photo.


My app is not verified either, but I got a secondary from them. Here is the reason: they are not screening. so you will be getting one too, probably when they send out the next batch of emails.
FYI: my app went active on July 15th, got secondary sometime last week.

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