NYMC vs Temple

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Oct 27, 2023
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Accepted to NYMC a few months ago which at the time was my top choice of accepted schools. Recently got accepted to Temple off of wait list, which I am incredibly excited about. Truthfully torn about which to attend because I was offered a scholarship for $80k over the course of the four years at NYMC. My mentor did med school, residency and was an attending in Philly (not at Temple) and is really advocating for me going to Temple, but my family can't believe I am turning down the scholarship. Haven't heard anything from Temple yet with regards to scholarship but I will get in touch with their financial department soon.

Truthfully, both schools seem to match well into the specialty I would like to go into (ortho). While NYMC doesn't seem to have the most abundant research at the school itself, another physician that works at my clinic who went to NYMC (then placed into ortho) was doing research for HSS remote. I imagine Temple will have good research opportunities and if they don't one of the neighboring schools will.

Would love some feedback about general quality of life at either school and if the slight difference in prestige will make any significant difference for me in getting into ortho.

Tuition looking like $55k per year at Temple after I become a PA resident, whereas NYMC will be $40k after scholarship. I believe COL will be cheaper overall in Philly compared to Westchester/NYC.

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