NYMC Waitlist News!!!!!!

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Jun 20, 2001
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I was offered acceptance off of the top quartile of the waitlist at my top choice at Rush Medical College this afternoon at 3:51 (CST) and accepted the offer at 4:25 pm CST. I will be calling NYMC on Monday July 23 to let them know that I am withdrawing from their Class of 2005. To all the people who are waiting to hear for something, good luck to you all. Patience is really a virtue; persistence gets you far and, above all, the flexibility and resilience to accept whatever fate this tortuous process throws at you is the ultimate trait to posess to keep you sane.
If you guys have any questions, post back and Ill try to answer them. Rush Medical College, here I come!!!

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Congratulations! :D Hopefully someone on this board will benefit from your move. Where's Rush? :oops:
Rush Medical College is in Illinois, northern part I believe.
Rush is in northern Illinois and, if I remember correctly, a bit south, southwest or downtown Chicago... You can see it from the freeway :D