Aug 26, 2020
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I really couldn't create a longer PRO/CON list since these schools are VERY similar. However, I am really looking for an institution that will provide me the best education and has great alumni network.

School 1: NYU

  • Bigger patient pool
  • Name recognition?
  • My mentor is faculty here
  • The cost of living is much higher
School 2: BU

  • I already live in Boston
  • I know several students already
  • Not as competitive as NYU?
Summary: In terms of COA, they are both very similar. What I am looking for is the institution that will provide me the most opportunities to specialize.



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Apr 7, 2014
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BU is also a well recognized school. Smaller class size, which means more opportunities for you to build connections and build your resume to help you specialize. The large class size puts people at a disadvantage because you have to fight for attention with professors.
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Oct 1, 2019
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Hey I'm a NYU commuter from Brooklyn. I can answer any specific questions you have

If you can save on housing I would go to BU over NYU. It's just that NYU is so expensive that it would be crazy to not save 200k on housing and food.

But if the price is somewhat the same then compare the pros and cons of each school

clinical your not really competing with everyone. No one is cut throat and out to get you unless your maybe that one student going for oral surgery

we have 2 clinic professors on the floor for 30 students plus 2-3 TAs that help and give useful tips. I have never had a problem asking for help on getting feedback for my preps

In terms of education I cant really compare the two since never went to BU but NYU does introduce you early on to many sspecialities. As for alumni connections nyu always does seminars by alumnis at least once a week and prob even more if it wasnt for zoom

overall I would choose the cheaper school and if both are similar in cost the school where you will be happiest. being by friends and family is something that has kept me grounded throughout dental school and sometimes students forgot about this when applying and accepting schools.
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