Jan 29, 2010

I know this has been written about before, but I am still kind of confused about it. If we have already submitted our OptomCAS application and taken the OAT's but plan to retake it to improve scores, what is the best plan of action? For instance, I know we should call the schools and tell them to make a note in our file that we will be retaking the OAT.

However, that just puts our application on hold. Is it better to just take our chances and go in with our OAT scores anyway? I read that it is better to tell them you are going to be retaking the OAT's because then they will consider that when looking at your file-- it can save your application from being completely rejected as opposed to just "waiting" for a higher score.

Also, several schools say they do not require a "minimum" in each category on the OAT. For instance, SUNY says they like to see a 320 in each category, but there is no minimum. Doesn't that just mean 320 is their minimum? This is why I am confused whether to put the application on hold or not.
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Nov 18, 2010
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from what i understand, they may still review your file if you plan to retake it and put it off to the side if they feel like it's a matter of getting the OAT up but if you're app isn't that great they could dismiss it or if your app is good regardless, then they could take you for an interview and give you a provisional acceptance or perhaps accept you before your retake..that's my best understanding..i know schools have my file on hold pending my retake of the OAT, but i have also got an interview at a school too..so i think it's just dependent on the rest of your app. As far as minimums...i think the goal is to try to keep all of your sections above 300 but i would say it's case by case for everyone and every school..above 300 is just a safe answer..hope this helps..good luck!