OAT score and GPA


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Aug 1, 2017
Hey Guys! I know this thread is called OAT and GPA.
Here are my stats:
AA OAT: 300
TS OAT: 310
GPA: 3.46
Science GPA: 3.15
Shadowing hours: 72
Extracurricular activities: UGA Pre-Optometry Club Secretary, Research, Biology Teaching Assistant, Biology Peer Learning Assistant, UGA Science Olympiad Volunteer, Dining Hall Student Employee, Elementary School science fair judge, Chick fil a Half-Marathon Volunteer, and UGA 9th Grade Visit Tour Guide.

Honors: Dean's List
Awards: Georgia HOPE Scholarship, Tracy E. Smith Scholarship, and Patterson Family Scholarship.

These are not fantastic stats, but I have three interviews coming up: NOVA and ICO in August and UAB in September.
If your stats are like mine, don't get discouraged. If I was able to get interviews with these stats, people who share similar stats should also be able to get interviews at plenty of schools. Just keep trying and put your best effort in. I hope this helps.

I also applied to SCO, but they straight up told me that my OAT was low and I needed to retake it. At first, I was really upset because SCO was my target school. But if 3 optometry schools were fine with my scores, then I guess I don't need to retake the OAT.

Let this be a lesson to all who may be in the same situation as me. Don't get discouraged if one school keeps you down even if it is your dream school.
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