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Nov 5, 2003
East Coast
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Hello everyone... MSIII considering Ob/Gyn. I am trying to figure out what programs are out there and how hard it is to match... no specific regional preference except to be in the east coast... can anyone give me some idea? Thanks...


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Oct 28, 2006
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not sure what you are specifically asking but if you go on freida you can look up each individual program and read all the detail. it's a good place to start? (maybe post-match, people might be willing to post their personal stats and where they got invites or matched...rite now you might not get a huge response b/c everyone is anxious and paranoid! as for me...i didn't apply to the east coast, sorry!)


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Sep 18, 2005
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www.apgo.org is also a good reference. If your school is a participating member, you can get into the password protected Residency Directory. It's basically pages the member programs fill out about their courses, cities, benefits and requirements, but it also has a section on residents' average GPA and average step 1/2 scores... but a lot of schools don't fill that part in. The bottom of each page also has info on how many apps they get vs how many interviews they offer. There is a list of schools on one of the open access pages ... if you're school's on the list, contact either your residency coordinator or the library (I found a link the other day on our library homepage).
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