Sep 15, 2010
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hey guys

any inside info on ochsner clinic's program? someone who's there, or has done a rotation? i've been offered an interview, but the only dates left are dates that i have other interviews. any experiences there or impressions would be welcome



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Aug 17, 2005
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I'm a surgery resident at Ochsner. Anesthesia here is hard to beat. They have an excellent intern year, mostly medicine months with only 3 wards months, if I remember correctly. They don't take call on SICU, and have a month of anesthesia their intern year, too. The program is well organized with a large staff. There are CRNAs, but they are mainly in the bread and butter cases. For anything complex there's almost always a resident. Staff is quickly available and usually like to teach. The hospital itself is very modern with computers in every OR, electronic anesthesia record, and computerized OR scheduling. The surgeons are very non-malignant, too :D.
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Feb 28, 2006
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I rotated there. Great program if you want to have a private hospital feel. Great staff. Chairman is former chairman at CCF. You only rotate at the main campus. Lots of transplants but little to no trauma (they all got to LSU). PM me if you have other questions.