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Jul 23, 2018
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M2, going through Reproductive health and hormones module, going through cases.
Question, - so all the resources say that primary treatment for those with high-testosterone PCOS (double the regular testosterone) is OCP. Is that correct? WIll it actually help reduce testosterone levels to normal? Is there something that is additionally prescribed for hirsutism, or OCP alone should do the trick with excessive hair? are there certain brands of OCP that are specifically preferred for that? And lastly, any additional things we need to prescribe/recommend to pts (for example, a certain vitamin, or whatever else)?

Sorry if this is too many questions, i just figured you guys probably know best.
Nov 29, 2015
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OCPs are used for PCOS Related hirsutism. They increase SHBG allowing binding of free testosterone. Also can dampen ovarian androgen production.

The section of GLOWM on PCOS may be helpful for you.
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