Off-Topic Request: Clinical Research Guidelines

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Aug 18, 2008
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Hey guys,

I got contacted today for a full time job helping with clinical trials. Problem is, they want someone with knowledge of general ICH and GCP guidelines, which I've never worked with. I know some of you out there have worked in or work in clinical research and trials and was hoping one of you could shoot me a PM with some of the basics or if you have anything to read over. I started looking on the ich website but just the GCP portion is 90 pages, not so sure that trying to read thousands of pages is going to work before an interview :laugh: Its good pay and keep me with clinical work + research, chance for publications, more money, more consistency than current job, etc. so I'd love to grab it :) Hopefully someone on here can give me a hand and save me a boatload of trying to sift through the full text of ICH guidelines. :thumbup:

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