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Jan 23, 2007
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Rule #1: No complaining
Rule #2: We all are in the same boat...so stop it already!
Rule #3: Post on this thread if you are taking the April 7th MCAT and have information/study help relating to the test and our test date.
Rule #4: SEE RULE #1
Rule #5: Please add as many jokes as you can ;)

You know I try to go to this site and get in touch with people who are taking this thing and hopefully help each other get motivated to "keep on keepin' on" with studying. Almost every post is complaining about grades, GPA, CBT, and whatever else you could think of. I'm not going to go into story time about my situation, but everyone has it hard...thats why this thread aims to take all that negetive energy and turn it into postive energy for the april 7th test date. So if your with me, reply...if not, oh well I'll go back to studying:D