Ohio State alternate list

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Jun 20, 2009
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sooo i was placed on the in-state alternate list for osu... anyone else out there on that list with me? they already have the rankings out, im number 13 of 49 ppl... ugghhh i just wanna be IN!!

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did you just call the office to find out your position???
yea, they can tell u over the phone
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i'm on the waitlist. I was pretty mad about it :( If you don't mind me asking, what are your stats? My GPA is good but my DAT was only average.
GPA- 3.78, sci GPA- 3.51 AA-19, TS-20, PAT-17.. graduated from osu in june
I got waitlisted with 3.9+ and 22/22/20. I'm undergrad at OSU too. I must have had an awful interview or something.
Did any of you get that HUUUUUGE packet in the mail with like a million forms to send in? Wow, talk about a job and a half! haha, just for a waitlist!
yeah i got the ohio state non res alternate list...

salem21, im really surprised you got waitlisted with those stats.. thats unfortunate :( im sure you will be fine though
hey guys...i was number 3 on the OOS alternate list, and i just got my acceptance call today! so the list is moving...no worries :)
Hey guys has anyone in wait list submitted any form at this stage and activated buckeye mail?