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Apr 4, 2009
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I am from Ohio and looking to apply at Ohio State over the summer. Does anyone have any experience applying?

  • Is there anything Ohio State looks for that is unique from other schools?
  • What is the interview process like?
  • What is it like going to vet school at Ohio state??

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This year's thread for the OSU application process/interviews/acceptances:


Here's where you can read about previous interview experiences:


The Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements book is a great reference, if you don't already have it. The newest version won't be available until mid-May, but last year's version would be helpful too.


Those links should answer your first two questions. As for your third, I won't be able to tell you that until the fall :)
Hey There!!

So The Ohio State University is awesome!!

Ohio State is unique because its on quarters, which is changing in 2012. They also have a really great faculty and really friendly students. I went to an undergraduate school with a veterinary school (was accepted there) and still went to The Ohio State!

The interview process is changing pretty often. They are always striving to do better. When I interviewed I just had two doctors, but this year there were some students mixed in, and I'm sure next year will also be different. The key with interviews is that OSU (at this point in time) still does rolling admissions. So you want to be interviewing as soon as possible there!

Going to veterinary school at OSU is awesome. I have lots of friends at other veterinary schools, and we truly are unique. I've taken more classes (at a faster pace) than any of my friends and although we go later into the summer, its worth it. (Example, I'll have over 60 hours of course work, and my friends at my undergrad will have only 40 hours)

Also, the faculty are really awesome, and some are just down right hilarious. Making veterinary medicine fun, makes it interesting to me and you just can't beat that. Also the students are really great, and although the classes are hard, people try to help each other out.

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask!
OSU (or The OSU :laugh:) accepts it's class based on "points", of which there are 100 points possible. 35%= GPA, 10%=GRE, and 55%= subjective (interview, LOR's, supplemental application, personal statement, experience, leadership, motivation, upward grade trends, etc.etc.) This process is unique in that it allows for >50% of one's score to not be based on numbers...so basically, you don't have to have a 4.0 GPA/1400+ GRE to be accepted. Also, as an IS applicant, there are more seats available to you (97+) for the 200-300ish applicants (variable from year to year) which also helps numbers wise.

As far as the interview goes, I agree that looking at the interview feedback will give you good starting place to see how the process is conducted. I think the most important thing is to "be yourself." I really didn't understand this piece of advice until after I interviewed, but if you are yourself then being relaxed, excited, and genuine shouldn't be a problem. I actually had a lot of fun on and during my interview day.

I also won't be able to answer your third question for a while...I don't even start until the end of September. :)

Good luck! :luck: Feel free to PM me if you have any more q's.