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OHSU and Uni of Wash for DO?


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Feb 18, 2007
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I'm interested in either neuro or child neuro and would really love to go to the Pac NW to be closer to family. Are either OHSU or UW DO friendly? I don't believe they have DO residents currently. Has anyone rotated there and/or applied and have a feel for these programs?
Thank you :)


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Jul 9, 2004
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I applied to the Adult Neurology programs at both schools this application cycle. My application was complete around the first of October, and all I had as far as board scores were COMLEX 1 and 2. No USMLE. I did not hear back from either program about an interview.

I don't know what kept me from getting an interview, the late application, lack of USMLE, being an osteopathic student, or some other factor. Happily, things have worked out nicely with other programs and I have a ROL that I'm happy with.
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